1.  The Seller guarantees Product quality and absence of hidden defects. Product quality must conform to requirements listed in Technical specification, contractual conditions or Product samples, models and description, Product size/ weight and Product quality documentation.

2. In case hidden Product defects (which appeared not because of the fault of the Buyer due to breach of safety of usage rules) appear within the indicated in the Contract guarantee term, the Buyer within 5 (five) workdays has to inform the Seller about the discrepancies and indicate the reasonable period of time in which the Seller has to repair the Product. Having received the notification, the Seller has to eliminate the defects or breakage or replace Product with the one of suitable quality within the agreed term.

3. Products are not replaced, defects are not eliminated free of charge and money is not refunded in case of one of the following conditions:

3.1 a product was spoiled due to mechanical power or mechanism;

3.2 a product was spoiled by the Buyer on purpose or due to negligence;

3.3 a product was used not according to its direct purpose or not in a way indicated in usage manual:

  • a product was used without wheels in premises where temperature was higher than +80°C or  lower than -40°C;
  • a product with wheels was used in premises where temperature was higher than +60°C or lower than -20°C;
  • a product workload per one square meter was more than 400 kg;

3.4 a product was repaired or adjusted by the Buyer or a third person without the help of the Seller.

4. The term of guarantee responsibilities is 18 months if contractual conditions do not foresee otherwise. Guarantee term is not applicable if at least on of the conditions of Clause 1 may be applied.

5. Refund of qualitative Products is possible following the order of the EU Directive 97/7/EB dated on 20 May 1997 on customer protection related to distance contracts. In this case the Buyer pays product refund expenses. Expenses related to product delivery are not refunded to the Buyer. Packaging of the returned product (-s) should not be breached.

6. Any disagreements or disputes arising among the Parties shall be settled by mutual agreement. If the Parties fail to agree, any disputes, disagreements or requirements shall be settled following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union and other legal acts.