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Quality Policy Statement for Vendiplas :

The directors and management of Vendiplas are committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business is operated in order to offer the highest possible level of quality and service to our clients.  We encourage our suppliers to share our commitment in this regard.  This commitment is supported by a progressive management style that is designed to promote a Quality culture throughout the company and its supply chain.

The Managing Director is the Quality Deputy and he will work with the Quality Manager to ensure that continual improvements can be made to the Quality Management System by working with all staff  in all areas of the company.  In this way we expect the company to operate efficiently and effectively with the ultimate aim of meeting or exceeding, our customers’ requirements, with the ultimate aim of registration within the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 ( the European Quality standard).

This level of quality is a minimum requirement for the company, as is the continued search for improvements.  The effectiveness of the Quality Management System will be monitored by planned audits, management reviews which will identify the required corrective and preventive procedures and ensure that they are implemented in a timely fashion.

All Vendiplas personnel have been made aware of the management’s commitment in this regard and are encouraged to demonstrate their support for it by continuous active participation

Environmental Policy Statement for Vendiplas ::

Vendiplas is a young company operating in the manufacture and distribution of non-metallic storage systems to the food service industries.  Our task is to oversee the company’s environmental policy with the intention of meeting the requirements of BS EN 14001: 2004.

To this we will ensure :

  • A green clean environment
  • Prevention of pollution in all operating areas
  • A programme of continual improvement
  • Remaining abreast of all current and planned legislation, both national and federal
  • Reduction of use of natural resources wherever possible
  • Minimisation of waste and maximisation of recycling
  • Reduction, within safe limits, of packaging waste

We will set environmental targets for our business that can be checked by internal audit and, from time to time, third party inspection.  All employees are encouraged to participate actively in the Environmental Management System and will receive appropriate levels of training and awareness.  This is intended to ensure that correct and due emphasis is placed upon environmental care in general and site cleanliness in particular.

Our Environmental Management Policy has been communicated to all Vendiplas staff, members of its supply chain and any interested third party.

Health and Safety Policy Statement for Vendiplas :

At Vendiplas we accord health and safety, as defined by the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) ,the highest priority. We expect all our staff  and visitors, contractors working on site and other temporary employees to share our commitment.  We intend that they should have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to one another while on our premises.

To put this commitment into practice we will :

1)       Assess in advance and provide adequate controls of the Health and Safety risks which arise from our work and on site activities.

2)      Consult with our employees on any matter relating to their Health & Safety.

3)      Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment.

4)      Ensure safe handling of all raw materials and other substances that may from time to time be required in our processes.

5)      Provide information, instruction and supervision in the use of equipment for all our employees.

6)      Ensure all employees are competent to carry out their tasks.

7)      Provide training and re-training in the operation of our equipment.

8)      Maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

We will review and revise our policy as necessary and at regular intervals and our premises are defined as any area within which Vendiplas's employees are carrying out work for the company.